YouTube Search API

The YouTube Search API allows businesses to extract data from YouTube in real-time. It can be easily accessed by requesting at the following endpoint:

Here is the list of default parameters you can use with this API:


api_key required

This is your API key.


Type: String Youtube Search Query


Type: String

Default: "us" Name of the country. The name should be in

ISO 3166 Alpha-2 format.


Type: String

Default Value: "en_us" The language of the requested results.


Type: String This parameter is used to get the next page results. You can also filter the search results with this parameter. You can visit the YouTube website to get the filter value for integrating in the API.


Type: Boolean Default: false To render the response as raw HTML.

Note: 1. Each YouTube Search API request will cost you 10 request per credit. 2. Currently, JSON results are not available as the API is still in development mode. So, you will get only HTML results with this API until we are done with the development. Please use the "html=true" parameter to get the HTML results.

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