Getting Started

Get started to scrape Google Search Results with the fastest real-time Google Search API. Get a large amount of data from Search Engine Result Pages using our Free SERP API.
Using our API you can get a large amount of data from Search Engine Result Pages.
All REST API calls will return JSON or HTML results.
Our API endpoint is:


Our API is easy to use and is designed to be used by developers. Here are a few things to consider before we get started:
  • The request will be retried until it can be completed (up to 60 seconds). In cases where the request fails in 60 seconds, we will return a 502 error, you will not be charged for the unsuccessful request (you are only charged for successful requests, 200 status code). Make sure to catch these errors! They will occur on roughly 1-2% of requests.
  • If you exceed 100 requests per month on your free plan, you will receive a 426 error.
  • The number of API calls will depend on the value of the number of results specified by "num" in the documentation divided by 10. For example, if "num" is 12, then the API call count will be 2; if "num" is 10 then the API call count will be 1.
  • Each request will return an object of arrays that will have the requested data.

Error Codes

It is advisable to handle the below HTTP response status codes for a smooth scraping experience.
Error Codes
Request Successfull
User not found or enter a valid query
Request timed out
Request couldn't proceed.
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